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Singular and plural words definition and online tests


Singular and Plural Nouns

1.Singular nouns :

                       are the name of one person, place or thing.


 1)Aarya has a dog.

    Dog is a singular noun.

2.Plural Nouns :

                           are the name more than one person, place or thing.


1)We visited all the parks in the city.

We and parks are plural nouns.

Rules for Changing Singular Nouns to Plural :

1) Usually, a singular noun is changed to plural by adding an " S" at the end.


cat🐱- Cats🐱🐱

2) For nouns ending in O,s, x, s, ss, sh and ch, add es at the end to make it plural.


Mango- mangoes  

buffalo 🐃- buffaloes🐃🐃

3) Some nouns that end in an o or oo do not take es at the end. s is written at the end to change singular noun to the plural noun.


bamboo: bamboos; radio: radios; piano pianos; photo : photos 

4) The singular nouns that end in a consonant and y, change the y toi and add es.


sentry: sentries; country countries; fly flies; candy candies;

5)For singular nouns that end in a vowel and y, simply add s at the end. 


day: days; toy: toys; monkey: monkeys; valley : valleys.

6) Some nouns contain f or fe at the end; to convert the f to a v, add es at the end.


shelf: shelves; sheaf: sheaves; life: lives

7) Some nouns end in f or fe but don't change into v or es. They only take s to make them plural.


Chief: chiefs; proof: proofs; safe : safes.

Special Singular and Plural Nouns

1) Regular Nouns :

                 Some nouns remain the same in both singular and plural forms. These nouns are called regular nouns. 


sheep: sheep; fish: fish; deer: deer.

2) Irregular Nouns :

                 Some nouns change when they are changed from singular to plural form. These are called irregular nouns.


child: children; ox: oxen; louse : lice;  mouse : mice; foot: feet

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