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Types of sentences English grammar rules and online test


Types Of Sentences

A sentence is a combination of words that conveys complete meaning. 

Some important types of sentences are discussed here:

There are five types of sentences:

1.Declarative Sentences

2.Imperative sentence

3.Exclamatory Sentences

4.Interrogative sentence

5.Negative Sentences

1.DeclarativeSentences :

                                           Declarative sentences express or describe some idea or thought in a straight, impersonal and objective way.

                               Such sentences generally end with a full stop. Such sentences mostly constitute formal essays, reports, instruction sheets, manuals, etc.


1) The train is late today.

2)He is the headmaster of the school.

2.Imperative Sentences

                                              These sentences either end with a full stop or sometimes, an exclamation 4 mark. It depends on how strongly or emphatically an emotion is expressed.

                       Imperative sentences express different kinds of emotions such as command, request, desire or wish.


1) Call me now!

2) open the door call me now.


                                      Exclamatory sentences usually express stronger emotions than those expressed by imperative statements. Some of these emotions are joy, surprise, anger,grief, etc.

              These sentences always have an exclamation mark at the end.


1) Hurrah! We won the match.

2) There they are!

4.Interrogative Sentences:

                  Interrogative sentences always ask questions.

These questions end in a question mark (?).


1) What is your name?

2) where is my pen ?

5.A negative sentences:

                           states the negation of action, that something is either not true, or not correct, or not happening, etc.

                     Generally, a negative sentence is formed by adding the word not in the sentence.


1) The school is not open today.

2) We are not playing in this match.

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