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Direct indirect speech


Direct - Indirect speech

                         There are two types of ways of reporting words / sentences Spoken by a person.

1) Direct speech

2) Indirect speech

1)Direct Speech :

 Mahesh said to his father, "I need more work."

2) Indirect speech :

Mahesh told his father that he needed more work.

Types of sentences.

1)Assertive Sentence :

 1) Ram said, pe"I am a poor boy". 

✓Ram said that he was a poor bay.

2) She said, "Meena is my close friends".  

✓She said, that meena was her close friend.

2) Interrogative sentence / question :

 1)He said," What it your aim ?"

 ✓He asked what his/her name was.

2) He said to me," what is your target.?".

 ✓He asked me what my target was.

3) she said ,"shall I have a happy  married life?"  

✓She wondered if she would have a happy married life.

3) Imparative sentence. 

1) "sit down," said the principal.

✓ The principal ordered to sit down.

2) "Don't open the gate", police said. 

 ✓police ordered not to open the gate.

4) Exclamatory sentence :

1) Meena said," what a tall building it is! 

 ✓Meena exclaimed with wonder that it was a very tall building.

2)she said," How sad!"

 ✓She exclaimed with sorrow that it was very sad.

3) she said to me," Happy Diwali!" 

✓She wished me a happy Diwali.

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